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Usenet.nl Review



Usenet.nl offers English easy to use software. You can start to download with full speed anonymously instantly. In the first two weeks you can try usenet.nl for free. Downloading is unlimited at a speed up to 1000 Kbps (equivalent to about 150 gigabytes in two weeks) and 5 gigabytes of very high-speed downloading volume.

Usenet.nl Metered Usenet Accounts

You will get the Usenet software for free, installing and setting usenet.nl is easy. All account offers unlimited 1000 kbps downloads.

Package Usage Monthly Price Period Connections SSL Retention

Usenet.nl 25 GB € 11,99 1 month ? check icon 200 days
Usenet.nl 25 GB € 9,66 3 months ? check icon 200 days
Usenet.nl 25 GB € 8,33 1 year ? check icon 200 days


Usenet.nl Payment Options:


paypalmastercard VisaAmerican ExpressDeltaVisa Electron


Usenet.nl Features

Binary Retention: 200 days
Hostname: news.usenet.nl
Concurrent connections: ?
Ports: 119 and 443
SSL ports:
119 and 443
Newsreader: Usenet.nl software for windows, mac and linux
Newsgroups: 60.000+
Server farms: 4 in United States and 4 in the Netherlands


Usenet.nl Comments

All accounts offer ssl and this is making usenet.nl a safe choice. Take advantage of their 150 GB 14 day free trial and decide for yourself.

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Comments (11)
  • David  - dont forget to cancel during the first 14 days
    hey, the service is really good. but you guys should not forget to cancel during the first 14 days if you dont like the service or you dont want to pay 10€ for one month
  • alci4
    I used these for a couple of months until my credit card was used fraudulently (nothing to do with the company as far as i know) but my card was cancelled by my bank. as i was not using usenet very much i didnt give them my new card details and heard nothing from them until i received a letter stating that i owe them 50 euros with lots of made up charges on top of the alleged 11.99 euros owed and stating they will be taking me to court if i do not pay. this company is so suspect. I hope anyone who reads this review has the good sense to stay away from this criminal company (search google for countless other examples of this companys dodgy dealings). my advice STAY AWAY
  • watever  - Retards...
    works good for me, if you dont want them to extend your subscription, cancel before the trial is over. DUH. welcome to the internet.... :roll:
  • deewakar kumar  - usenet.nl Scam
    Another victim of usenet.nl scam

    A big scam, they charged 99euros from my paypal account.

    Beware of them!!!
  • Cem Burak Akın  - usenet.nl scam
    I canceled my usenet.nl account, they noted it and replied me back. But seems like they opened another account with my name, and they are demanding money with some law firm. They are total scammers.
  • Anonymous  - Caution: Fraud
    Be aware of this offer, it is NOT a real usenet access. The so called "EcoMode" does NOT work with real newsreaders.

    Their support does not have the slightest idea about their business, they seem to not even read what you asked them. After more than 2 days messing around with them I canceled my account. Money is lost,

    My conclusion: Stay with the "good names", like Giganews, Easynews, newshosting. Don't trust usenet.nl!
  • tony
    well I finish my 14 days trial, lie not sure but probably a couple of days, then finish my download limit so I got the compact package 17 dollars month, 06/26/11, I got a message today that my acc will be charge.

    " your Usenet.nl account will be extended by another term in 7 days.

    You will be charged EUR 99,96.

    If you do NOT want this charge to occur, you may choose one of the following options within the next 7 days:

    - Are you looking for a lower fee, please click on the following link and change your package:"

    so I guess if we do not check the Emails it will be charge even if they made a mistake or on purpose.
  • Loko  - Usenet.nl
    I wish I had looked up more info before I signed up to usenet. I wish I had carefully read the user agreement. I wish for so many things. I subscribed for it figuring a free 14 day trial would help me assess whether it was worthwhile and if not, I could just opt out within that time period, right?? Wrong! I couldn't even log in and though there are still a couple of days before the trial ends, I have a bad feeling that they are just going to rip me off. They've done it to so many others and I'm afraid they are about to do it to me too.
  • Brenda  - SCAM!
    Yeah, I too was scammed of 99euros, i hope i receive a refund!
  • MarcusCicero  - USENET.NL scam
    This site is consistently scamming people out of $130 by sneakily taking a year's worth of monthly subs from their PayPal account on the completion of the 14 day "free" trial. It seems PayPal are paying some people back now if they complain directly, but continue to effectively endorse the practise by keeping USENET.NL's custom.

    Check out this kid Caleb's money blog where many victims have posted:

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