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Newsdemon Review



Newsdemon offers their customers 24/7 Live Chat Support. Currently they are the only one in the usenet industry offering this kind of service, which comes in handy if you want instant support when configuring your newsreader with newsdemon for example. So Newsdemon deserved our Best Live Support choice. Newsdemon also offers the option to buy GigaBytes instead of paying per month. These accounts are called 'Block Accounts' and Newsdemon is offering the cheapest block account. So Newsdemon also deserved our title Cheapest Usenet Block Account

Newsdemon Usenet Accounts

25% life-time discount for new customers on all packages, besides the block account packages if you insert the coupon code comparere25

Package Usage Monthly Price Period Connections SSL Retention

Metered Accounts
15 GB 15 GB $ 8,99 1 month 20 check icon 400
30 GB 30 GB $ 9,99 1 month 20 check icon 400
45 GB 45 GB $ 12,99 1 month 20 check icon 400
75 GB 75 GB $ 15,99 1 month 20 check icon 400
Block Accounts
10 GB 10 GB $ 4,99 * 20 check icon 400
25 GB 25 GB $ 9,99 * 20 check icon 400
50 GB 50 GB $ 14,99 * 20 check icon 400
75 GB 75 GB $ 19,99 * 20 check icon 400
100 GB 100 GB $ 21,99 * 20 check icon 400
200 GB 200 GB $ 31,99 * 20 check icon 400
500 GB 500 GB $ 64,99 * 20 check icon 400
1000 GB 1000 GB $ 129,99 * 20 check icon 400
Unlimited Accounts
Unl. 1 unl. $ 17,99 1 month 8 400
Unl. 2 unl. $ 20,99 1 month 20 400
Unl. 3 unl. $ 22,99 1 month 20 check icon 400


Newsdemon Payment Options:

paypal worldpay maestro mastercard Visa American Express


Newsdemon Features

Binary Retention: building to 400 days
Hostname: news.newsdemon.com
Hostname SSL: us-secure.newsdemon.com
Concurrent connections: 8 - 20
Ports: 23, 25, 80, 119, 443, 1720, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
SSL ports:
Newsreader: Newsdemon offers all subscribers a free registered copy of NewsRover.
Newsgroups: 107.000+
Server farms: Servers in United States and Europe


Newsdemon Comments

Newsdemon is the only usenet provider which offers 24/7 Live support. And there block accounts are the cheapest. With up to 20 account options, Newsdemon offers a plan for everyone. Don't forget that comparere.com readers get a 25% discount with coupon code comparere25. This 25% discount is not available for block accounts.

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Comments (11)
  • Jack  - Searches limited
    Newsrover is their promoted software that includes search function.

    Newsrover recently crashed its indexing server, so searches were not working. They are working now but limited to about 600-800 days, while Newsdemon is holding 1800+ days of retention.

    Unless you pay for a 3rd party search this is not a good match between the news provider and the newsreader software they promote.

    What is the point of searching headers if you're only searching through half of what's available on the news service you pay for?

  • TequilaBT  - Block Account = NO FREE HEADERS!
    Bought a 10GB block account to get some old backups. Udated headers in several groups.
    Downloaded my backups, 2.04GB on disk.
    Newsleecher Rcvd. 3.2GB
    NewsDemon Member Area reports:
    USAGE Used:12.22 GB Remaining:0.00 GB
    Tried to contact Live Support on a Saturday afternoon = No one's home.
    Sent text ticket, waiting to see....
    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  • Jacob.kky  - Account plans
    Yes, these people provide great plans for a very less amount compared to other Usenet providers. Not only the plans there service is outstanding. Feeling proud being a customer of NewsDemon for years.

    Live support is the most valuable services they carry. I would like to recommend NewsDemon for effective service.
  • James  - GOOD Usenet provider
    Basically I'm from europe I subscribed to NewsDemon long back ago. Everything was working fine in Europe, but I recently shifted to US and when I'm trying to use the service, all the time it is giving errors. I was very frustrated and thought of canceling the service. I contacted the support system, they help me in configuring my newsreader and they solved the problem right away.

    I really appreciate the service. Good service!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zarniwoo  - NewsDemon - suspiciously dodgy
    I opened an account with PayPal but would have preferred to use my credit card. Despite and email from them telling me it was OK to change my account type, they ignored all further emails from me on this matter.

    The posts over 100 days is suspiciously incomplete, I managed to complete the repairs with my Astraweb account. This occurred on three different posts.

    Supplied info on posting does not work for SSL.

    Supplied info to cancel recurring payments from PayPal is seriously misleading and incorrect.

    They got some serious customer issues and server retention problems which makes me advise anyone to steer clear

    :confused: :shock:
    Used Newsdemon for a year and found them excellent
    Started to get 502 authentication error 2 days ago
    Contacted them through Live Support which was always excellent
    They just let it time out each time (it disconnects after 4 mins)
    Sent them a tweet directly and got no reply
    After I complained in tweet about Live Chat, they put it offline
    Spent yesterday following them again
    Got through to Live Chat twice
    Was assured my account would be reset within 25 mins
    Here I am today, 2 days later, with no access still!!!
    Just spoke to 3rd guy on Live Chat now
    Said to wait 20 mins again
    Asked him what the issue was, told him how unhappy I was and how disappointed I was after recommending them numerous times to people over the last year and he TOTALLY ignored my questions and comments, just repeating to me to check again in 20 minutes!!
    I will NEVER use them again.
    Their treatment of customers is absolutely DISGRACEFUL
    Obviously something has changed there, maybe new owners, I don’t know??
    Ultimately, if you read this, do NOT go near Newsdemon!!!
    You will regret it if you do
  • y1x1f5y8r3B8
    For block accounts, they have issues with monitoring whether you're downloading headers or messages/attachment. This kills the deal since headers for a single newsgroup can go over 10GB.
  • simon weasler  - good in the uk
    im in liverpool and ive been able to max out my conncetion with the unlimited plan i got from newsdemon. took me awhile to set up, the support team was very helpful. overall, im glad i went with these blokes. cheers!
  • tong
    I am uk liverpool too
  • Douglas Bloom  - Thumbs Up
    Been using Newsdemon for about a year now and been happy with them. Haven't had an issue yet. In the US, (so I can't vouch for the european servers) I'm maxing out my connection with FIOS and retention is pretty sweet.
  • jacob Murphy  - Good support?
    Yes, Newsdemon do theoretically have 24hr live support. But it seems to me like they only have one person on most of the time. I certainly wouldn't give their support an above average score.

    Jake, a newsdemon user.
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