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Giganews Review



Giganews is reviewed as Best Retention Usenet and Best United States Usenet. Giganews is operating as usenet provider since 1998, they have have a long standing reputation as a solid, reliable and supporting usenet provider. Our poll points out that Giganews is the most used usenet provider. From the users that use Usenet 32% is using Giganews. You can try out the giganews trial 14 days for free.


Giganews Usenet Accounts

Max. Speed Usage Monthly Price Period Connections SSL Retention
Max. Speed¹ Unl.* $ 29,99 1 month 50 check icon
Max. Speed¹ Unl.* $ 24,99 1 month 20
Max. Speed 35 GB $ 12,99 1 month 20
Max. Speed 10 GB $ 7,99 1 month 20
Max. Speed 5 GB $ 4,99 1 month 20
Max. Speed 3 GB $ 2,99 1 month 20

* = Unlimited downloads, you have no download limits.
¹ = first 2 month 50% off.


Giganews Payment Options:

PayPalmastercard Visa American Express


Giganews Features

Binary Retention: days
Hostname: news.giganews.com
Concurrent connections: 20 - 50 connections
Ports: 23, 80 and 119
SSL ports:
443, 563
Newsreader: Giganews recommends Newsreaders
Newsgroups: 109.000
Server farms: US and European server farms


Giganews Comments

Giganews is reviewed as Best Retention Usenet and Best United States Usenet. Besides Giganews has a largest retention (being increased to 700+ days), completion (99,9%) and speed. We highly recommend to try out the free Giganews Trial for 14 days.

Giganews Newsgroups

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Comments (12)
  • Morky_Wilson
    I've been with astraweb for over 2 years now, never a problem and speaks very good. 1T for fifty dollars a great deal. My opinion if your using USENET a block account is the way to go.
  • Hus  - Bad customer service
    Giganews is a reliable source as a news server but as a company I can't trust them anymore. Poor customer service and unreasonable billing department. I'd choose another provider.
  • PNet  - TRAIL IS A SCAM!
    They have a to trick you out of the trail and tell you you oped-out yourself! SCAM

  • Darryl  - Giganews Ripped me off
    These guys suck. They charged my credit card without asking me. They then say "it's our Terms of Service". If you want to get ripped off, you have come to the right place.
  • Colin B  - My comment on Giganews
    J. Bennett
    I totally agree with your comment , almost every one focuses price to save a tiny amount of money, later they post in forums about the problems with xyz provider.

    In the forums Giganews receives very little in the way of complainants.

    Yes Giganews IS expensive they invest the most amount of money in their infrastructure then any other provider.
    Giganews is the BEST.

    Colin B

  • John Smith  - Previous Giganews customer. Switched to Astraweb!
    I used to be a Giganews customer paying 24.99/mo for their unlimited plan. I used to always see ads that advertised prices that were much lower than this with just as many days of retention. I figured they probably had many files corrupted or slow download speed.

    One day, I saw an ad for astraweb that said $11.00/mo and I decided to just give it a shot. Guess what, it's JUST as good for more than HALF the price with over 600 days of retention.

    That guy from Bennett Technics is obviously a part of Giganews' advertising company.

    It's not even just astraweb that's cheaper, ALL OTHER USENET providers are cheaper!

    Don't bother with giganews!
  • John Shoemaker
    That's not true at all, usenetserver,newshosting and astraweb all have retention > 600 days giganews is nothing special and they quite over priced as they are the most expensive usenet provider on the planet..
  • Jwill  - Overpriced and overhyped
    They cost too much and their service is really no better than anyone else's. Save some money and get a newsdemon or astraweb account!
  • Duane M  - Watch Your Card!
    I cancelled with GigaNews then they started billing me again! I contacted support, but you can guess what good that did.
  • Joel  - Over 600 days of binary retention
    Giganews is the only provider who has over 600 days of binary retention.
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